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Tourism New Zealand has recently partnered with #Meet4Impact on the Enrich New Zealand – Conference Impact project under which TNZ has selected three international conferences coming to New-Zealand whose impacts will be measured to maximise the positive societal impacts conferences generate to communities. 

Last September, #Meet4Impact ran workshops with Tourism New Zealand, conference organisers, and local stakeholders to implement its framework for generating, managing and measuring the positive societal impacts across these pilots. The three conferences that are part of the pilot project are the INTECOL International Wetlands Conference 2020 in Christchurch, World Leisure Congress 2022 in Dunedin, International Working Group on Women and Sport 2022 in Auckland.


Each of the workshops offered during our 10-day long visit to NZ were designed and tailored for specific beneficiaries, either the Tourism New Zealand local and international staff, their clients, the local stakeholders from the ecosystem, etc. #MEET4IMPACT accompanied Tourism New Zealand and its stakeholders through exciting experiential learning sessions where participants applied innovation frameworks toward collective problem-solving. From classic seminars presenting basic theory to interactive presentations and peer-to-peer workshops, Tourism New Zealand embarked on a journey that will yield more opportunities to present New Zealand as a worldwide centre of social innovation and will position Tourism New Zealand as a driver of change in their community.


The #MEET4IMPACT team facilitated social impact workshops in Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland who will host the three pilot conferences, so that the events can have a positive societal impact. We used the #MEET4IMPACT's methodology and went through its four phases of impact making: define, manage, measure and maximize.

In Dunedin, we worked with the 2022 World Leisure Congress that aims to focus on the issue of Leisure and Access in its broadest sense, and comprising at least three dimensions of barriers “physical, socio-economic and symbolic“ in order to be recognized, discussed and overcome, so that all people can enjoy and take advantage of the full form and way leisure.

In Christchurch, we worked with the 2020 INTECOL International Wetlands Conference  whose objectives are to showcase recent advances in our understanding of wetland biodiversity and ecosystem management and broaden the awareness of the ‘wise use’ of natural resources for sustainable development.

In Auckland, we worked with the 2022 International Working Group on Women and Sport that has as a mission to engage governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals for the advancement and empowerment of women and sport globally.

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