Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At #MEET4IMPACT, we are a tightly knit team of motivated professionals and as such, we believe in creating a better world and setting ourselves ambitious objectives.


That's one reason why we align our work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

At our own level, #MEET4IMPACT is proud to contribute to the achievement of the goals 4, 9, 11, and 17. We are passionate about creating as wide as possible a coalition of business events and association sector partners working towards the SDGs.




#MEET4IMPACT in action!

#MEET4IMPACT is raising awareness and helping destinations and associations to #ACT4SDGS. Here, during a workshop we gave to the Palais des congrès de Montréal, we raised SDGs awareness for the team to find ways to integrate the SDGs to their business and impact objectives!

Here, #MEET4IMPACT is sharing SDGs best practices to Dubai Business Events. We presented examples of how actions in the organisation and in the content of an international event can integrate many of the SDGs and contribute to the Agenda 2030.

We are ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education to the event industry about generating, measuring and communicating social impact

We propose a sectorial innovative approach through a co-creating impact framework for the event industry

We act as a vehicle to connect associations and destinations, empowering them to become enablers of sustainable cities and communities in their ecosystems

We are creating a wide coalition of business events and association sector partners working towards the SDGs

We are:

  • demonstrating the industry's current need to implement the SDGs;

  • sharing the benefits of integrating the SDGs into a business and impact strategy;

  • helping associations and destinations understand what needs to be done to implement the SDGs in the organization of an event;

  • providing guidance on how to assess the impact of those new objectives.

#MEET4IMPACT's action is concentrated on SDGs 4,9,11 and 17. However, through our everyday work and the methodology we are developing, we propose the UN SDG's as the global framework and reference for our partners' impact journey. Doing this, we are joining the global movement and aiming to improve the world we live in. That's our intention, and that's how we challenge ourselves everyday.

#MEET4IMPACT is also launching a research project that will address the contribution of business events to SDGs and the effective way to place accountability at the heart of business events. To know more about our research, click here.

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