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Septembre 2020

Notre article dans l'édition du mois de septembre de notre partenaire media BoardRoom Magazine (en anglais seulement): Building Resilience Through Collaboration: Lessons for the Future 

L'édition complète est ici

"Partnering with community-focused venues means accessing their knowledge in different ways. They possess critical expertise in crisis management; security planning; sourcing, logistics and distribution. They collect and analyze data and own data analytics systems which far surpass most associations’ ability to collect and manage that kind of information. "


Juillet 2020

Voici notre article dans le blogue de European Cities Marketing (en anglais seulement): For business tourism to recover, society must recover first

"Pre-existing factors facilitated the implementation of such initiatives and were crucial in enabling a successful pivot: an organisational culture already sensitised to positioning business tourism as a generator of social value; relationships and previous collaborations with community organisations; tested processes for innovation and experimentation; and a history of delivering purposeful legacies."


Mars 2020

Voici notre article dans le blogue de Global Destination Sustainability Index blog (en anglais seulement): The social impact of business events

"We envision a future where forward-thinking DMOs will lead a new movement to elevate social and sustainable development policies for the regeneration of our social fabric. Where we can nurture growth in such a way that it benefits the whole system, instead of small pockets of wealth and influence"


Mars 2020

Notre article dans l'édition du mois de mars de notre partenaire media BoardRoom Magazine (en anglais seulement):  Maximizing Your Impact rough Good Reporting

L'édition complète est ici.

"Impact management is the practice by which an organiza- tion purposefully manages its resources and assets in order to bridge gaps and meet explicit impact goals. rough this, an organization will reduce its footprint – the negative e ects of its activity on the Earth – and amplify its handprint – the positive impacts it helps create. A er collecting your data and measuring your results, you will want to report on the posi- tive impact you generated with your activities."

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5 novembre 2019

Notre article dans l'édition du mois de novembre de notre partenaire media BoardRoom Magazine (en anglais seulement):  #Meet4impact: Measure what matters 

L'édition complète est ici.

"To measure the social impact of its activities, such as an event, the association will want to assess the effects on the local host communities, on the event participants, and on its community of interest as a whole. But how to measure the intangible?"

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11 septembre 2019

Notre article dans l'édition du mois de septembre de notre partenaire media BoardRoom Magazine (en anglais seulement): #Meet4impact: Managing your legacy projects

L'édition complète est ici.

"When discussing legacy or impact, one is immediately faced with the prevailing discourse that there is an immediate need for measurement. But while impact measurement is necessary to communicate the value generated by one’s actions and justify return on investment from partners investing time and money, it is mostly possible as a result of a well-planned and executed impact management strategy. This article will focus on the key pre-measurement steps that will set the stage for unrolling a robust strategy."

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4 juillet 2019

Notre article dans l'édition du mois de juillet de notre partenaire media BoardRoom Magazine (en anglais seulement):  #Meet4impact: Define your intention first

L'édition complète est ici.

"#Meet4impact series, founder Geneviève Leclercexplores the rst – out of four – key step needed to achieve a successful impact practice. As a purpose organisation, your association is likely constantly seeking to “make a di erence” and create broader value for all of your stakeholders. But where to start? And who can we look up to for an example?"

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10 avril 2019

Nouvel article dans l'édition du mois de mai de notre partenaire média, BoardRoom Magazine (en anglais seulement): #Meet4Impact: An Actionable Impact Framework… and More

L'édition complète est ici.

"The measurement of societal impact will use “impact” as a currency by which the organisation will be able to report on its organisational effectiveness in carrying out its mission, in a similar way that one would report on financial results."

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11 février 2019

Notre partenaire média BoardRoom Magazine annonce notre partenariat exclusif dans leur dernier numéro sur Understanding Association Legacies - Launch of the #Meet4Impact Project (en anglais seulement).

L'édition complète est ici.

"The key word here is CHANGE. This implies that there is a deliberate process through which one defines a clear intention of generating change and implements a course of action to achieve this objective. Furthermore, by add- ing the term ‘societal’ to “impact”, we weave into this narrative the broader idea that in our day and age, there is a growing expectation that organizations take responsibility for the impacts of their decisions and activities on soci- ety and the environment at large."

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