#MEET4IMPACT est une organisation à but non lucratif qui vise à changer la façon dont nous planifions, mesurons et parlons de l'industrie des événements.


Boardroom magazine


Construire la résilience par la collaboration : Leçons pour l'avenir

"Partnering with community-focused venues means accessing their knowledge in different ways. They possess critical expertise in crisis management; security planning; sourcing, logistics and distribution. They collect and analyze data and own data analytics systems which far surpass most associations’ ability to collect and manage that kind of information. "


European Cities Marketing


Le tourisme d'affaires reprendra lorsque la société aura récupéré

"Pre-existing factors facilitated the implementation of such initiatives and were crucial in enabling a successful pivot: an organisational culture already sensitised to positioning business tourism as a generator of social value; relationships and previous collaborations with community organisations; tested processes for innovation and experimentation; and a history of delivering purposeful legacies."


GDS Movement


L'impact social des événements d'affaires

"We envision a future where forward-thinking DMOs will lead a new movement to elevate social and sustainable development policies for the regeneration of our social fabric. Where we can nurture growth in such a way that it benefits the whole system, instead of small pockets of wealth and influence."


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