#MEET4IMPACT is a non-profit organization aiming at changing the way we plan,

measure and talk about the business events industry.

#MEET4IMPACT empower organizations when it’s time to generate, measure and communicate the social impact of their activities and events.

#MEET4IMPACT’s team can either coach the organization from beginning to end in a societal impact journey, qualify professionals in the use of the societal impact approach or conceive a full library of resources and tools to equip managers about societal impact management.




With different ways of being active in the project available, Associations can participate by joining the community, sharing their experiences and learning from others’ progress as they are rolled out. Destinations interested in developing this in their city can benefit from an early participation. Be on the lookout for progress being shared under the #MEET4IMPACT project and share your stories by joining our #MEET4IMPACT community online. 

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