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Transformation to Sustainability


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Intermoda, with a 40-year of leadership in Latin America's fashion industry, has embarked on a transformation towards sustainable practices and legacy creation. In partnership with #Meet4Impact and GDS-Movement, and with the support of The Visitors and Conventions Office of Guadalajara, it has committed to pioneering the shift towards sustainability in events and fashion, establishing itself as a benchmark in the region.


Intermoda initially faced the challenge of overcoming a lack of sustainable practices in the event industry in Latin America and the negative impacts of the fashion industry. These challenges were evident in key areas such as social inclusion, waste management, and carbon footprint.

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Project Evolution


​The journey began with the 79th edition of Intermoda in July 2023, focused on integrating sustainable practices that led to a reduction in carbon footprint, the promotion of inclusion, and an increase in awareness about sustainability. In its second year, the initiative has expanded into a more comprehensive strategic framework for sustainability and legacy. Currently, #Meet4Impact, in collaboration with GDS-Movement and The Visitors and Conventions Office of Guadalajara, is developing an integrated plan that will profoundly transform Intermoda's organization, encompassing all its operations and activities.

Project Objectives

  • Lead the sustainable transformation in the events and fashion industry.

  • Set inspirational examples for Latin America and beyond.

  • Demonstrate that sustainability can be a driver for positive and profitable change.

  • Catalyze transformation in other sectors and leave a lasting and positive legacy in the communities.


Strategic Focus and Actions


The new strategic approach includes expanding partnerships, promoting sustainable management, innovation, education, and awareness, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. Intermoda aims to advance on the following fronts:


  • Increase community participation.

  • Continuous improvement in waste management and CO2 emission reduction.

  • Development of educational and awareness programs.

  • Active promotion of social inclusion in all activities.

Progress and Reach

  • Intermoda has achieved a significant increase in awareness and commitment to sustainability among exhibitors and attendees. It is working to ensure that 80% of providers comply with strict sustainability criteria and that the materials used are recyclable or compostable.

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Future Outlook


Looking to the future, Intermoda is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 50% compared to current levels and fostering an innovation ecosystem in the fashion and events industry. The vision is to incorporate sustainability into business and design schools and lead coalitions that establish and promote sustainable practices.

Intermoda continues its journey towards sustainability, with a focused strategy and the collaboration of key partners. The long-term vision is to position Intermoda as a leader in the fashion and events industry, where sustainability and social impact go hand in hand with growth and innovation.

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