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of Meeting for Impact

Welcome to Our 5-Year Impact Report,
​We’re thrilled to share #MEET4IMPACT’s journey from an idea that sparked into a global movement over the past five years.

Download our 5 Years of Meeting for Impact Report here!

Téléchargez notre rapport d'impact 5 ans de réunions pour l'impact

(en anglais) !

The creative design of this page as well as the report is thanks to Toniko, agence créative 

Watch our Webinar: 5 Years of Reflecting, learning and innovating to move forward

Crafted with intention and care, our social report, 5 Years of Meeting for Impact, captures the heart of our mission over the past five years. It tells the story of how we united delegates, researchers, locals, and authorities to create meaningful change in our communities through business events.


This report celebrates our collective milestones and the inspiring partnerships that have helped embed social impact at the core of our industry. As we look back on our achievements, we aim to inspire others and hold ourselves accountable for the future, continuing our quest to make every event a catalyst for positive change.


#MEET4IMPACT's Theory of Change illustrates how our work enhances the social impact of business events. As a non-profit, we aim to support the industry in serving community needs and improving societal conditions. Our two main objectives are to help destinations and associations host more effective, impactful, and socially responsible events, and to ensure events drive positive societal and economic progress for communities.



We’re PROUD to have achieved these highlights over the last 5 years:

Read our press release

View our Webinar: 5 Years of Impact: Reflections, Innovations and Looking Forward"

Voir notre webinaire : 5 ans d'impact : Réflexions, innovations et perspectives d'avenir" (en angalis)

Webinar Anchor

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible individuals who led and participated in the discussions on the importance and difference of legacy and impact. Special thanks to Julia Tremblay-Boily for serving as MC, and to the following contributors for their invaluable insights:

  • Our #MEET4IMPACT team: Genevieve Leclerc, CMP, CICE, Fathma Khalid & Beatriz Ibañez

  • Our board members: Sebastien Turbot, Jane Cunningham, & Murielle Nzal’Okéni

  • Our media partner: James Latham from The Iceberg

  • Our collaborator: Janie Neumann from Global Destination Sustainability Movement


A special thank you to Kathy Van Wambeke from VisitBruges for her insightful case study on stakeholder engagement. For more information, please visit

Please note that all visuals provided for information purposes are the intellectual property of Toniko, agence créative until the project is approved. Under no circumstances may the bidder reproduce or use these documents out of context without authorization. Any unauthorized reproduction or use may be subject to legal action.

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