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Our board members

Sebastien Turbot


Sebastien Turbot is a visionary leader in the field of sustainability and policy advocacy. As the Director of Content and External Affairs at EARTHNA, he has been at the forefront of driving environmental, social, and economic prosperity.

His work has had a significant impact on shaping national and global sustainability policies. He plays a pivotal role in uniting a diverse community of experts, government departments, decision-makers, businesses, and civil society, all working together to enhance sustainability efforts. His dedication to the cause has left an indelible mark.

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Jacques Blanchet

Vice President

Social innovator who worked in a broad range of fields, from visual and performance arts to the development of standards. He was actively involved in the development of ISO 26000 - Guidance on social responsibility and ISO 20121- Sustainable events. 


He helps organizations find creative solutions to achieve their social responsibility goals. His work focuses on building consensus and managing change in order to maximize organizational outcomes. He’s an aficionado of meditation and fixed-gear biking year-round.


He is the arms and legs of #MEET4IMPACT, he converts concepts into applied operational procedures.

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Geneviève Leclerc


Genevieve Leclerc, our visionary co-founder, and CEO, brings over 25 years of expertise in the business events and tourism sectors. She is a catalyst for innovation, applying design thinking and impact management practices to drive transformative change.


Genevieve has trained numerous destination teams in implementing frameworks for managing a more impactful visitor economy. Her extensive network and deep understanding of community and business tourism sectors position her as a leading force for social impact.

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Christian Ruel


At Commissionaires du Québec, Christian Ruel serves as the Chief Financial Officer. As our Treasurer, he brings a wealth of experience from leadership roles in federal and provincial Crown corporations, including notable positions at Société de la Place de Arts de Montréal and the Palais des congrès de Montréal.


His impressive academic background, which includes a master's degree in history, an MBA, and a CPA designation, underscores his commitment to transparency and sustainability in the tourism and events industry.

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Jacob Lilly


Jacob started his career as a developer and since then, he has leveraged his expertise and work ethic in order to lead research and development as Showcare’s CTO. With his background in scientific computing and customer-facing applications, he brings a unique perspective to the design, development, and maintenance of technology. 


Jacob is committed to continually push the boundaries of innovation when it comes to the development of customized solutions.

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Kathleen Murphy


Kathleen is a creative and passionate Director of Marketing, with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality and tourism industry.


She is skilled in marketing research, KPI analysis and insights, Digital Marketing, Branding and Account Management. Kathleen has previously played a key role working with business development and marketing teams, to create relevant, quality and engaging content.

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Jane Cunningham


Jane, a seasoned global meeting professional, passionately connects associations and destination stakeholders to highlight conferences' impact on local communities through her role at Destinations International. She collaborates with the European community to shape value propositions, furthering shared values and supporting global sustainability goals. Jane's expertise is a vital asset to our organization.

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Phillipe Villard


Philippe Villard is ACI World’s Senior Director, Policy & Economics. ACI World is the trade association of the world’s airports. His main responsibilities include developing airport economic and airport slot policies and leading ACI World’s regulatory affairs.


Philippe held positions with increasing responsibilities in air transport policy at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). He holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Sciences Po, the Paris Institute of Political Studies, France, and a PhD in Political Science from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

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