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From Networking to Action: Highlights from IMEX Association Focus

The IMEX Association Focus event in Frankfurt brought together global association representatives and industry experts to delve into the crucial theme of sustainability. Led by #Meet4impact founder Genevieve Leclerc, discussions emphasized the need for concrete actions to address the environmental impact of international events. Key strategies highlighted included promoting the use of public transportation, partnering with sustainable suppliers, and implementing initiatives like food donation programs for the homeless. Speakers such as Guy Bigwood from the Global Destination Sustainability Movement emphasized the significant carbon footprint of air travel in event-related emissions and proposed solutions like Direct Air Capture technology. The event also explored topics ranging from experience design in association meetings to diversity, equity, and inclusion, underlining the industry's commitment to evolving practices that prioritize sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity.

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Canada Releases Tangible Sustainability Plan

The Canadian Business Events Sustainability Plan, unveiled by Destination Canada, represents a groundbreaking step towards tangible sustainability in the meetings industry. This plan, bolstered by #MEET4IMPACT and Gaining Edge, aligns with Canada's Sustainable Development Goals and aims to educate and support domestic partners in implementing sustainable practices across international association conferences. Through a Legacy Impact Study, the plan also focuses on measuring the positive benefits on local communities from hosting association events in Canada. By establishing clear goals and accountability measures, including assessing existing sustainability initiatives by partners like Tourisme Montréal and Destination Vancouver, the plan sets a strong foundation for creating a regenerative tourism ecosystem that benefits both Canadians and global ecosystems alike.

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ICCA Association Expert Seminar: Of the Quintuple Helix, Sustainability and Positive

At ICCA's 20th Association Expert Seminar (ICCA AES), the #MEET4IMPACT initiative took stage in discussions surrounding sustainability and positive changes in the international meetings industry. Led by Geneviève Leclerc (CMP, #MEET4IMPACT), participants explored how the Quintuple Helix framework can drive impactful collaborations between associations, industry stakeholders, and local communities. The sessions highlighted #MEET4IMPACT's role in advocating for sustainable revenue generation, legacy planning aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and measuring impactful outcomes. Through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, #MEET4IMPACT continues to lead efforts in creating lasting positive impacts within the meetings and events sector.

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Introducing the GDS-Movement and #MEET4IMPACT Impact Award

In 2023, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking award: the GDS-Movement and #MEET4IMPACT Impact Award. This collaborative initiative, born from the synergy between the GDS-Movement and #MEET4IMPACT, celebrates destinations that embody impactful contributions to sustainability. The unveiling of these prestigious awards will take place during the GDS-Forum on October 4th in Valencia, Spain. Let's celebrate these sustainability champions together!

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Backstage Leadership Conversations: How do business events impact the wider destination?

An insightful podcast series hosted by Nicholas Hall founder of Digital Tourism Think Tank in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Business Events Week. The eight part series explores post pandemic trends in business travel! Genevieve is featured in conversation with Nick Hall in episode 6, discussing #MEET4IMPACT and a discussion on the changes through the meetings and events sector, highlighting the increased awareness about the need for sustainability in the industry and how this area is gaining importance through actions such as measuring the different impacts generated by events in destinations.

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Lessons Learned from the GDS Forum in Valencia

Dive into the insightful journey of the GDS-Forum in Valencia, Spain, where the focus was on reshaping the future of tourism and events toward sustainability. The article highlights the innovative strategies discussed and the impactful outcomes achieved, with special recognition given to Sydney, Australia, for leading the way in designing and measuring impactful business events, earning the prestigious #MEET4IMPACT Impact Award. Join us in embracing a sustainable legacy in the events industry!

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BESydney Honored with Inaugural Global Impact Award

Congratulations to Business Events Sydney (BESydney) for being awarded the Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDS-Movement) and #MEET4IMPACT Impact Award for its commitment to creating a lasting impact through business events.

The award ceremony in Valencia celebrated BESydney’s pioneering work in developing a social impact framework for business events in Sydney and New South Wales.

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ICCA Association Impact Masterclass Launches at IBTM

The Association Impact Masterclass, launched at IBTM Barcelona, is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the power and effectiveness of association partnerships. Co-created by ICCA, Meet4Impact, and GainingEdge, this comprehensive training program promises to reshape associations worldwide as leaders in their respective fields. Supported by BESarawak, the inaugural class, scheduled for April 25–27, 2024, in Kuching, Sarawak, offers participants the opportunity to earn the Certificate of Association Impact Leadership, complementing ICCASkills certification. Led by industry experts, including CEOs Amelia Roziman, Senthil Gopinath, Geneviève Leclerc, and Gary Grimmer, the Masterclass emphasizes collaboration, impact strategy, and societal transformation. By joining this initiative, association professionals embark on a journey of collective growth, equipping themselves with the skills to drive lasting impact and sustainability in their communities and beyond. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact for more information and registration details.

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2023 GDS-Awards Recognize Destination Sustainability Leaders and Innovators

The 2023 GDS-Awards, held during the GDS-Forum in Valencia, Spain, have acknowledged exemplary efforts in destination sustainability.

Hosted by the Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDS-Movement) in collaboration with the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), this event celebrated destinations pushing the boundaries of sustainability.

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Indelible Footprints: Embracing Sustainability and Social Impact in Event Planning

"An increased focus on planning and managing legacy programs, along with increased dissemination and promotion of positive impact, will help elevate the attractiveness of the MICE industry and contribute to creating a better future for all."

Beatriz Ibanez had the privilege of being interviewed for Grupo PUNTO MICE, where she shared my thoughts on how events can drive positive change beyond environmental sustainability. We reflect on the profound impact we can have on destinations and their communities, generating an economic, social and lasting impact.

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VisitBritain explores ‘impact beyond the plenary’ at its first Association Conference in Edinburgh

The Association Conference, organized by MeetEngland, Meet in Wales, VisitScotland Business Events, and ABPCO, convened at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from February 5-7, 2024, uniting 80 industry professionals to explore the concept of 'impact beyond the plenary.' Facilitated by #MEET4IMPACT and GDS Movement, attendees participated in workshops focusing on mutually beneficial objectives to enhance the positive impact of congresses. The event also introduced the VisitBritain Impactful Framework, a collaborative initiative supporting impact strategies across the industry.

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