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Tourisme Montréal

AIDS 2022

The Project's Mission:


The project involved #MEET4IMPACT collaborating with Tourisme Montréal and the local organising committee of AIDS The goal was to identify the desired impacts of the conference, develop a work plan, an engagement strategy for stakeholders, and a framework for managing and measuring the outcomes and impacts. This collaboration aimed to support the AIDS 2022 organising committee's objectives of rallying scientific, activist, and policy-making communities to continue the fight against AIDS.

The pilot project also aimed to reduce stigma around HIV and AIDS, increase awareness about available treatments, and democratise access to antiretroviral drugs and PrEP. By collaborating with local HIV/AIDS communities and supporting pilot projects, the project aimed to create positive impacts for both the conference attendees and the community.


#MEET4IMPACT partnered with Tourisme Montréal for a pilot project to generate measurable social impact through selected business events in Montreal, particularly targeting the fight against AIDS. The project included defining impact intentions, developing activities, and creating a measurement approach for the AIDS 2022 event. The collaboration aimed to reduce stigma, increase awareness, and democratise access to treatments.

Project's Main Vision 

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Project Objectives

  • Develop a methodology and framework for measuring the impact of business events in Montreal, with a focus on rethinking business tourism.

  • Identify expected impacts of selected conferences, particularly AIDS 2022, and support efforts to generate these results.

  • Reduce stigma around HIV and AIDS and increase public awareness.

  • Democratize access to antiretroviral drugs and PrEP.

  • Close existing gaps in the HIV response and treatment for neglected or under-served communities in Montreal.

  • Develop a methodology and framework for measuring impact in business events.

  • Identify and support desired impacts for AIDS 2022.

  • Address challenges in AIDS research, stigma, and unequal treatment access.

  • Create an enduring positive impact on HIV and AIDS awareness and treatment.

Project Outcomes

The short term outcomes:

  • Reformed discourse and issues surrounding HIV/AIDS amongst general public

  • Canadian government's financial commitment for accessible HIV testing and global AIDS eradication

  • Heightened visibility and awareness surrounding issues affecting People Living with HIV (PLWH)

Expected outcomes:

  • Reduced stigma for PLWHA from public and healthcare professionals

  • Heightened knowledge of HIV/AIDS among healthcare professionals through new educational programs

  • Formation of new collaborations and partnerships within Montreal

  • Shaped strategic policies, influencing political agenda on HIV/AIDS

  • Growth in public resource allocation to resolve issues linked to HIV/AIDS

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