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Business Events Sydney

BESydney Impact Programme

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The Client's Mission

 After several years of pioneering research and in-depth insights into the legacies of business events beyond the economic contribution, BESydney have developed their first social impact programme. The programme, an Australian first, aims to identify and measure the numerous social, innovation, and knowledge benefits of hosting international conventions in Sydney. 

Despite substantial research conducted within the global business events sector over the last 10 years, there is currently no recognised framework in place that Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) use to assess and measure the long-term outcomes of meetings and conventions held within a destination. BESydney's programme seeks to further enhance their legacy research and establish a social impact framework that will measure a broad range of outcomes, align Government and sector priorities, and support event organizers to amplify the purpose of their conventions. Notably, this initiative is already gaining substantial interest, as it serves as a powerful lever for driving positive outcomes. Expectations are high for it to be recognized as a significant lever in the future, showcasing its potential to influence and enhance the business events landscape in Sydney, New South Wales, and Asia Pacific.

The Project's Vision

BESydney, in collaboration with #MEET4IMPACT, has constructed an impact strategy that leverages a methodology and framework for managing and measuring the sustainability performance and impacts of business events held in their destination.The project comprises several phases. Phase one included the initial implementation workshops, Impact Strategy & Measurement Masterclass, and the development of a Theory of Change (ToC). Phase two extends into strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and measurement. The support we extend to BESydney is focused on their aim for innovative approaches, involving local stakeholders in co-developing the framework and selecting outcome categories and indicators. Additionally, key components include aligning decision-making with government strategies, emphasizing core sector alignment, and promoting an "impact-first" approach. BESydney generate maximum social, cultural and economic, cultural and economic outcomes that enrich quality of life for the people of Sydney, New South Wales,  Australia and global communities.

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Client's Goals

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  • Strengthen the value proposition and narrative focused on sustainability performance and positive event impacts, making the destination more attractive, sustainable, and internationally competitive.

  • Develop and embed an "impact-first" approach, enabling accountability for actions and tracking performance across social impact indicators, sustainability pillars, and UN SDGs.

  • Amplify the contribution of business events to the Sydney city and New South Wales Government agendas for social, economic, environmental, and intellectual development, effectively communicating community impacts.

  • Encourage innovation and collaboration in the business events sector, supporting recovery and adaptability to new contexts.

Projects Outcomes

  • Introduction of impact and legacy mindset

  • Capacity building for bid managers 

  • Industry-wide knowledge sharing and application

  • Enhanced event selection based on impact generation

  • Standardized measurement of impact and sustainability across projects

  • Strengthened stakeholder relationships for long-term sustainable partnerships

  • Increased stakeholder collaboration and engagement

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Recognizing Impact

We are excited to share that BESydney, has won the GDS-Movement and #MEET4IMPACT Impact Award for their remarkable "BESydney Impact Programme." This award celebrates organizations dedicated to creating lasting positive impacts through business events, in collaboration with GDS-Movement and #MEET4IMPACT. Genevieve Leclerc, the founder of #MEET4IMPACT, expressed immense pride in BESydney's commitment to sustainability and community collaboration in creating social impact through business events. We eagerly anticipate their continued positive impact on the community and city.

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