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Brisbane Marketing

The positive impacts of business events

June 2019

Brisbane Marketing plays a vital role in growing Brisbane’s economy, driving demand for Brisbane, and creating growth and trade opportunities for local Brisbane businesses. They identified a project by which they could build their own capacity as well as that of their client to tell these stories.

They wished to better communicate the positive effects of attracting conferences to Brisbane and the broader value generated for the community.

#MEET4IMPACT supported Brisbane Marketing in mapping a project aiming to generate positive outcomes for the sector community around the 12th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia.


#MEET4IMPACT brought the Brisbane Marketing team and its close partners together for a series of workshops to build their capacity to initiate a social impact project around SIGGRAPH. 

Through onsite workshops, they were able to improve their understanding of how business events such as SIGGRAPH may generate broad value for the Brisbane community and how to leverage existing activities to do so.

Brisbane Marketing is now able to: 
social impact, focusing on active team endorsement and staff empowerment 

Together we built a short-term strategy to identify some intended outcomes linked to professional development around the sector of computer graphics, engage the right people in the project, and target a few key activities to implement in order to increase the impact of the event on the outside community. The content delivered in the workshop also enabled the Brisbane Marketing team to identify how to replicate this process in the future.

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