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Destination DC

Demonstrating the impact of tourism on the Washington DC community

January 2021

Destination DC is the lead organization successfully managing and marketing Washington DC as a premier global convention, tourism and special events destination. As Covid-19 hit the tourism sector, Destination DC teamed up with #MEET4IMPACT and Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDSM) to identify initiatives that occurred during the pandemic illustrating the positive impact of tourism whilst leveraging holistic sustainability to lead the post Covid-19 recovery efforts in Washington DC.

Demonstrating the role of Destination DC as a leading agent of change for its community

Showcasing Destination DC (DDC) and its partners as key enablers of community building in the context of the pandemic, the project aimed to:

1. Leverage members of the Recovery Advisory Group to understand how they can story-tell and use case studies to showcase the positive impact of the visitor ecosystem on the local community.  

2. Enable Destination DC to formulate short-term strategies to amplify the tangible outcomes identified.

3. Support the development of an integrated narrative on the importance for tourism to participate in community building and its driving force in recovery.

By amplifying how the benefits of business events and tourism are communicated to the city so that locals understand the true value they create for communities.


This project participated in the recovery of tourism, business events and the economic sectors they sustain in DC and supported the Destination DC Recovery Strategy.

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