Over the last few years, we have heard business events (BE) partners in destinations voice the following needs regarding the impact of the events they are hosting:


  • To understand the true value that business events generate beyond direct & indirect economic benefits in their communities.

  • To communicate and amplify the positive outcomes of their activities for the host communities and to justify the public investments in BE attraction and hosting infrastructure.

  • To anchor themselves in the business sectors & knowledge clusters and be perceived as a driver of positive change, as well as to be taken seriously as economic development actors and engage at that level.

  • New key performance indicators complementing the room/night model & other hospitality-driven KPIs, revealing the extensive value that BE actually deliver to the city’s knowledge clusters and innovation ecosystem, and how it supports the well-being of its communities.

  • Content marketing and good storytelling that goes beyond destination marketing in order to enhance the profile of the destination and gain a competitive edge; and to speak to the priorities of the new generation of visitors (meaningful, sustainable, responsible, experiential, etc.)

We believe that in order to enable and deliver meaningful change, associations will have to work hand in hand with destinations. #Meet4impact acts as a tool and vehicle to connect associations and host communities and enhance their respective value propositions, empowering both the association and the destination so they can present themselves as enablers and catalysts for meaningful societal impact in their ecosystems.


If you identify with the above, and would love to join other industry experts and practitioners who are working together on tackling the lack of indicators, frameworks and benchmarking in this sector, add your voice to our community by sharing your stories using the keywords #MEET4IMPACT and #CITIES4IMPACT in the various social media - or contact us to find out how we could support your destination in its impact journey.

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