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Love Your Liver


The Client's Mission:


The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) is a professional association focused on liver disease research. They sought to create a lasting positive impact on society through their 2022 International Liver Congress at the international exhibition center, ExCeL London in the United Kingdom. EASL aimed to benefit not only their association, delegates, partners, and members but also the local population, economy, and healthcare system. 

#MEET4IMPACT partnered with EASL for their 2022 International Liver Congress in London in support with ExCeL London. This marked #MEET4IMPACT's first association-led legacy project. The collaboration aimed to intentionally build legacy pathways, tapping into a growing trend where both destinations and associations focus on enhancing social impact.

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The Project's Vision

Recognizing gaps in the host destination, particularly the shortage of practicing hepatologists in the UK and the prevalent stigma and ignorance around liver health, EASL and #MEET4IMPACT identified two main impact intentions:

  • Increase capacity in professional hepatology care.

  • Enhance awareness of liver health in the population and reduce barriers for early detection.

Project Objectives


EASL's objectives for the project included:

  • Generating more social impact in the host destination of their annual conferences.

Implementing a two-pronged social impact project:

  • "Be nice to your liver" - a public awareness campaign in a local school.

  • "Love your liver" - a fibroscan track to assess and refer patients with potential liver damage.

  • Collaborating with #MEET4IMPACT to develop and execute a social impact measurement plan.

Project Outcomes

The project achieved several outcomes:

  • Increased public awareness of liver health through the awareness campaign in a local school.

  • Identification and referral of patients with potential liver damage through the fibroscan track.

  • Positive impact on children's confidence and school recognition through media coverage of the initiatives.

  • Integration of the local community into the event, leaving an enduring and positive impact.


Congratulations to EASL on Winning the 2023 ESAE Impact Awards!

Watch the ESAE interview where Maraika Gesterfer-Black, project lead, discusses EASL's impactful initiatives in action.


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