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Explore Edmonton

Responsible Events


The Project's Vision

Explore Edmonton is undertaking a project to create a Responsible Events Program Manual (REP Manual) in collaboration with #MEET4IMPACT. This manual will serve as a comprehensive guide for event planners, equipping them with tools and knowledge to incorporate sustainability and positive social and environmental impacts into their event planning processes. The project also includes stakeholder engagement and the development of a communication strategy.

The Project's Mission

The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance Edmonton's appeal as a destination for national and international events. By emphasising sustainability and positive impacts, Explore Edmonton aims to strengthen the city's brand as a leading sustainable destination and increase its competitiveness on the global stage. Furthermore, the project seeks to establish an "impact-first" approach within its sustainability plan, enabling the tracking and reporting of contributions to sustainability across all pillars and UN Sustainable Development Goals.


In January 2023, Explore Edmonton, with support from GDS-Consulting and ConnectSeven Group, hosted a two-day workshop forming a sustainability-focused tourism task force as part of Edmonton's new regenerative tourism strategy development.  Melissa Radu, Director of Social and Environmental Sustainability, sheds light on the inclusive approach and its implications for Edmonton.


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