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Foundation Fabienne Colas

Centering Inclusion and Diversity

Art background by: JACQUIE COMRIE 

Jacquie Comrie's vivid geometric murals and canvases are grounded in research on the healing power of colour on mental well-being.

The Client's Mission

The Fabienne Colas Foundation (FFC) is a non-profit arts organisation created in 2005 with the objective of encouraging diversity and inclusion in the arts both inside and outside of Canada.  We are excited to be commencing on this adventure with FFC, Canada's largest organisation supporting Black culture. FFC and #MEET4IMPACT are collaborating to create a Case Study Report to guide its strategic direction in the face of changing circumstances, such as the impact of COVID-19 and the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The project aims to better understand FFC's mechanisms of action, showcase its role in supporting diverse artists in Canada, demonstrate its contribution to societal transformation, and provide evidence-based data to strengthen its development strategy. This multi-phase project involves analysing the current context, conducting data collection, and culminating in a narrative and strategic development phase to leverage study results.


The Project's Vision

The main goal of this project is to equip the Fabienne Colas Foundation with a comprehensive understanding of its operations and impact in the face of disruptive events. By gathering and analyzing data of 4 main events, the project intends to empower the Foundation to adapt its strategies, communicate its impact effectively, and seize opportunities for growth, ultimately ensuring its continued success and relevance in the arts and culture sector, particularly in supporting creators from diverse backgrounds in Canada.


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