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MT Lab

Building the capacity of tourism & events startups

Our Partner's Mission


The MT Lab is the premier incubator for innovation in tourism, culture and entertainment in North America. It launches an annual call for start-ups according to the innovation needs identified by its partners.

In addition to being a start-up incubator, the MT Lab is also a platform for exchanges facilitating collaboration between key players in the tourism ecosystem and start-ups, by offering networking events, a journey of incubation, inter-partner activities and a coworking space.

The Project's Vision

In our pursuit of advancing sustainable tourism, this project focuses on consulting key tourism actors in Quebec. This project aims to address the dissonance between the availability of innovative sustainable tourism solutions and their successful adoption in tourism organisations.

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Main Objective

The main goal of this project is to better understand the success factors and barriers enabling a sustainable solution to be deployed in the tourism industry.  We recognize that the issue at hand is not a lack of tools or solutions but rather the challenge of ensuring its use by the key tourism actors of Quebec.

Project Collaborators

Additionally, this project collaborates with MT Lab's large partners that are major points of contact for the tourism industry, playing a crucial role to success of this project and in supporting innovations solutions for more than 5 years


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