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Legacy work on the International Liver Congress 2022

2021 - Ongoing

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) is a European professional association for those researching liver disease. They reached out to us wanting to intentionally create  enduring, cumulative positive impact on society through their 2022 International Liver Congress to be held in London, UK.  

EASL wants to create value not only for the association, delegates, partners and members but also for the destination's population, economy and healthcare system. 

Association Led Legacy Project

#MEET4IMPACT are incredibly excited to work on this project as it marks our first association-lef legacy project! There is a new wind within the industry as both destinations and associations look to further their social impact and intentionally build legacy pathways.


Turnkey project

#MEET4IMPACT is working on every step of the project, deploying our full methodology and putting our indicator database to the test. Together, we will support EASL to define, manage, measure and communicate the societal impacts of their activities and events.

Looking at the gaps in the host destination and noting that there were not enough practising hepatologists in the UK as well as deep-rooted stigma and ignorance around liver-related health problems, #MEET4IMPACT and EASL identified two main impact intentions to tackle those:

Increase capacity in professional hepatology care

Enhanced awareness of liver health in population, reduced barriers for early detection.

What's next?

Stay tuned and follow us on our social media to see updates of our project! 

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