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Social Impact Consultant

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Job Information

#MEET4IMPACT is looking for a social impact consultant to manage projects to maximise societal impact in the tourism business events industry. The successful candidate will have a passion for social innovation, a working knowledge of key frameworks such as impact theory, collective impact, theory of change, and an understanding of how the conference and event ecosystem plays an important role in knowledge and social development. More details are given in the job tasks.

In line with our organisational values, we strongly encourage applications that represent social diversity in terms of ethno-cultural or linguistic group membership, gender, age, physical ability and any other criteria that may represent exclusion or systemic discrimination.

We want to receive your application in the way that best reflects your personality, and we encourage creative expressions of interest (video, audio file, letter or even drawing!)

First and foremost, we seek to identify strong affinities with people who share social impact values and who would be interested in participating in the transformation of the tourism and events sector while giving us the benefit of their strengths.


  • Supporting clients in the development and elaboration of their impact strategies, value proposition, stakeholder management and all elements of the #MEET4IMPACT methodology;

  • Understand the support needs of potential clients, adapt our methodology accordingly; 

  • Drafting or adapting service offers or support process proposals;

  • Facilitate workshops to enhance collective intelligence and creativity, facilitate the identification of needs and generate commitment;

  • Ensure project management and follow-up with the various stakeholders;

  • Participate in the ideation and development of strategies and action plans;

  • Co-constructing tools for animation, operationalisation, research and data collection, etc;

  •  Collaborate on various projects with the rest of the team as required;

  • Writing all types of files, reports and summaries;

  • Carry out any other related duties as requested by the immediate supervisor. 


  • You are FULLY bilingual, perfectly comfortable writing and consulting in both languages (essential);

  • You can work legally in Canada;

  • You have been involved in consulting or collaborative processes with clients in management positions;

  • You have been involved in consulting or collaborative processes with clients in management positions;

  • You have a minimum of 3 years experience in client relations in social responsibility/social impact, organisational change or related field;

  • You have knowledge and experience in holistic sustainability for organisations (i.e. not only environmental);


  •  You have knowledge and experience of development strategies in the tourism or events sectors

  • You have designed and led collective intelligence processes, co-development projects and are familiar with various facilitation techniques;

  • You have experience in the field of social innovation and a working knowledge of key frameworks such as impact theory, collective impact, theory of change, etc;

  • You have experience in the national or international association sectors and understand how the ecosystem of associations, conferences and events plays an important role in the development of knowledge and society (asset);

  • You can travel and work flexible hours to suit our clients' time zones.

Work Conditions​

  • Full-time position based in Montreal;

  •  Possibility of telecommuting with being occasional presence in our Montreal office (located in the MTLAB at the Campus des Sciences de l'UQAM) according to a flexible combination;

  • Compensation based on education and years of relevant experience;

  • Paid holidays (3 weeks plus one week at Christmas);

  •  Annual bank of 10 days of personal leave and 10 days of sick leave;

  • Training budget;

  • Opportunity to travel according to piloted mandates.

Profile of Organisation

Designed in response to the lack of knowledge and recognition of the non-economic impacts of business tourism, #MEET4IMPACT also works with organisations in many sectors. Our methodology and analytical framework enables the organisations we work with to measure, analyse and communicate the social impacts of key activities, whether through events, campaigns, conferences or other activities.

Located around the world, our clients include local organisations such as Tourisme Montréal and the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, as well as tourism management organisations such as VisitBritain, Destination Canada, Dubai Tourism, TourismFlanders and many others. Associations such as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the European Association for the Study of Liver are also among the clients of #MEET4IMPACT.

By joining #MEET4IMPACT, you will be joining a small team that is passionate about tourism and events strategy and research, social impact and sustainability. The team includes employees, but also several consultants around the world and a very large network of collaborators. Through this position, you will have the chance to become an agent of change by supporting organisations contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will be working towards achieving the important goals of the 2030 Agenda. 

Application Deadline: May 29th, 2023

Copy of Logo_#MEET4IMPACT_7x7_Print_Couleur_FondNoir.jpg

Who are we?

#MEET4IMPACT is a non-profit organisation launched in 2019 with the vision to transform the business events and tourism industry by generating a positive social impact movement among its stakeholders. #MEET4IMPACT trains professionals and supports organisations in defining, managing, measuring and communicating the social impacts of their activities and events.

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