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Call for Nominations 

#MEET4IMPACT Board of Directors

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Who are we?

#MEET4IMPACT, a social enterprise incorporated as a Canadian non-profit organization and launched in 2019, is a collective and collaborative project that was conceived with the vision of transforming the business events and tourism industry by generating a movement of positive societal impact by its stakeholders. #MEET4IMPACT trains professionals and supports organizations in defining, managing, measuring and communicating the social impacts of their activities and events.


#MEET4IMPACT has developed its own methodology and analytical framework in order to measure, analyze and communicate the social impacts of activities undertaken by organizations, be they events, campaigns, investments or others. Our approach allows organizations to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus the Goals of the 2030 Agenda to Transform our World! Our partners and clients are both in Quebec and internationally.

Our Board of Directors

#MEET4IMPACT's Board of Directors currently has five members. We recently chose to enhance this foundational Board of Directors by adding three volunteer administrators to support the organization in the next phase of its growth. Our strategic objectives for the coming years plans for a consolidation of our expertise in management and measurement of social impact in the field of tourism and events, the development and marketing of our methodologies and tools for the management of sustainability and impact, as well as market diversification. 


The #MEET4IMPACT Board of Directors is the legal authority of the organization and oversees strategy, governance and it supervises the Executive Director responsible for the organization's operations. New board members will be called upon to sit for two years, and the renewable term will begin on December 1, 2023. They must attend all board meetings (the Board of Directors is expected to meet six times a year) and join at least one of the committees. We ask for a commitment of around fifteen hours per quarter from the directors sitting on the Board of Directors.

Candidate Profiles 

Rather than looking for specific profiles for each board member, #MEET4IMPACT is looking for individuals who have one or more skills or characteristics listed.

We are looking for the following skills :



Knowledge of the business events and business tourism industry in a global context;

● Knowledge of sustainability and impact issues, particularly related to tourism, culture, events, and/or territorial development activities;

● Experience in research, education, and/or training in the fields of innovation and social impact, sustainable development, environmental education, or other related topics;

● Functional (working) proficiency in both of Canada's official languages.



● Prior experience as a manager and/or administrator of a non-profit social economy organization in Quebec; a good understanding of the governance rules of nonprofit organizations as well as expertise in criteria related to organizational compliance with legal requirements."

In line with our organizational values, we want a Board that presents a diversity of perspectives and experiences in order to enrich our analyzes of the social phenomena that surround us. We are therefore actively seeking board members who represent social diversity in terms of belonging to ethnocultural or linguistic groups, gender, age, physical ability and any other criterion that may qualify.


We want to receive your application in the way that best reflects your personality, and we encourage creative expressions of interest (video, audio file, letter or even drawing!) We seek first and foremost to identify strong affinities with people who carry values ​​of social impact and who would be interested in participating in the transformation of the tourism and events sector while allowing us to benefit from their vital strengths.

Applications are invited to be submitted no later than November 26 to

Copy of Logo_#MEET4IMPACT_7x7_Print_Couleur_FondNoir.jpg
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