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Destination Canada Legacy and Impact Study: Insights and Learnings

At IMEX Frankfurt this week, we at #MEET4IMPACT were honored to join Destination Canada’s Virginie De VisscherThe Iceberg, and GainingEdge in sharing the first results of the groundbreaking Legacy & Impact Study. This study, which aims to shed light on the beyond-tourism benefits of business events, marks a significant step forward for our industry.

We are excited to see the progression of this study and the insights that will echo in the industry. Early findings reveal that business events can leave an extraordinary policy, financial, and intellectual impact by leveraging four key factors: government participation, external collaboration, Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) involvement, and pre-event activities.

Watch the latest video from the Iceberg, featuring Virginie De Visscher, Executive Director of Business Events at Destination Canada, and key research partners GainingEdge and #MEET4IMPACT:

To find out more, click below to access the full Insights Report and a case study examining the impressive impact of the Insects to Feed the World conference held in Québec City in 2022.


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