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Empowering Change: Releasing #MEET4IMPACT's 5-Year Social Impact Report

June 6th, 2024
Tiohtià:ke/ Montréal

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We are delighted to share our 5 Years of Meeting for Impact report, a collective achievement that reflects the unwavering drive and intent within the business events and tourism industry to foster positive change.

#MEET4IMPACT’s journey began as a budding idea, flourishing into a thriving global community of #agents4change. Our growth and accomplishments are a testament to the support and collaboration from colleagues, partners, and industry stakeholders who have been instrumental in shaping our mission and impact. Thank you to our valuable team members who have transformed this report to reflect the contributions of the business events and tourism sector.

The report chronicles our shared journey towards defining and measuring the social impacts of business events. It highlights key milestones, challenges, and successes, showcasing the industry's rapid evolution towards greater sustainability and societal impact. It emphasizes the importance of transitioning to a paradigm where positive impact is central to organizational objectives, resource allocation, decision-making, and action.

“This transition requires humility, transparency, and a commitment to continuous learning. Through this report, we aim to inspire others in the industry while holding ourselves accountable for our past actions and future endeavors,” expresses Geneviève Leclerc, CMP, CICE, Co-Founder & CEO of #MEET4IMPACT.

Celebrate 5 years with us through an informative virtual event session where we dive into the key highlights of the social impact report and hear from our team members of the process behind creating this report. This will be an occasion to express our appreciation for your support and collaboration, without which we wouldn't have reached this milestone. 

To register for our June 18th virtual event: RSVP here.

To access the full 5-Year Impact Report please download here.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Leila Salazar, Communications Coordinator and Research Assistant


#MEET4IMPACT is dedicated to transforming the business events and tourism sector into powerful catalysts for social change. By creating a framework to define, manage, and measure the social impact of events, #MEET4IMPACT empowers event professionals, delegates, researchers, and local communities to collaborate and drive positive societal transformation. Through strategic partnerships and a network of passionate #agents4impact, we champion the integration of purposeful events into the core of our industry, fostering a culture of sustainability, social responsibility, and meaningful impact. Learn more at


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