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Introducing the Masterclass on Impact Strategy and Measurement as part of the newly launched  GDS-Academy - Dynamic Learning to inspire regeneration of the tourism, meetings and events  industries

Press Release 
11th June, 2021 

#MEET4IMPACT is very proud to announce that we have partnered with the GDS-Movement to  produce our very own masterclass on Impact Strategy and Measurement, launched on June 9,  2021 as part of the new GDS-Academy. This masterclass aims to support Destination  Management Organisations (DMOs) worldwide to develop a robust impact strategy and  implement measurement processes to monitor their social and environmental performance.  

Launched in 2019, #MEET4IMPACT has been designed with the vision of transforming the  business events industry by generating a movement to create positive societal impact with its  actors and their events, and it does so by building the capacity of organisations to transform their  practices through trainings and coaching. For the DMO of tomorrow, having an impact strategy  means developping the capacity to purposefully leverage their economic activity - attracting  events and the visitor economy - to generate fruitful legacies for the communities that they  represent and serve, which in turn deliver positive economic, environmental and social outcomes  over time. More information on the learning outcomes and curriculum for the masterclass can  be found here:

“The whole team at #MEET4IMPACT is so excited to be part of the GDS Academy! This partnership  provides a unique opportunity to join forces with the best-in-class in destination sustainability, and  it’s the best channel we could hope for to launch this brand-new Impact Masterclass for DMOs. We  are hopeful that sharing our knowledge will contribute to DMOs developing a purposeful  pathway towards social and environmental regeneration through the visitor economy.” 

– Geneviève Leclerc, CMP, Co-Founder & CEO, #MEET4IMPACT 

About the GDS-Academy 

The GDS-Academy ( brings forward progressive perspectives,  teaching and practical application that will catalyse the mindsets and skills sets of DMO  professionals, organisations and their partners. The ultimate goal of the GDS-Academy is to  enable positive social, environmental and economic regeneration through tourism and events  based on a refreshed understanding of what it takes for a sector to thrive. By using regenerative  frameworks and fostering networking and collaboration the GDS-Academy will bring much  needed new learning to enable destination professionals to adapt to the ever- evolving conditions  brought upon by massive shifts in the sector so deeply affected by the global pandemic. The GDS-Academy is a dynamic collaboration with ICCA (International Congress and  Convention Association) and ECM (European Cities Marketing) who are the strategic and  certificate partners. The faculty are experts in sustainable destination management and thought leaders in  regenerative management practices. Together they facilitate dynamic learning experiences that  accelerate professional growth using design thinking processes that are immersive, engaging  and fun. 

If you want to watch the video of our launch, find it here.  

For more information, please contact: 

Genevieve Leclerc,, +1 514 791-4075 


#MEET4IMPACT, a non-profit organization, is a collective and collaborative project that has been  designed with the vision of transforming the business events industry by generating a movement to  create positive societal impact with its actors and their events. Launched in 2019 by Geneviève Leclerc, who has more than 25 years of experience in the business  events sector, and Jacques Blanchet, expert in sustainable development and corporate social  responsibility, #MEET4IMPACT wishes to propel the actors it engages in the development of  protocols to create all-around impacts. 

The GDS-Movement unites and enables destination management professionals to create  flourishing and resilient places to visit, meet and live in. Our mission is to co-create sustainable and  circular strategies, mindsets and skill sets that will enable destinations of the future to thrive, and  society and nature to regenerate. 

European Cities Marketing is a non-profit organisation improving the competitiveness and  performance of the leading cities of Europe. ECM provides a platform for Leisure, Meetings Industry  and City Marketing professionals to exchange knowledge, best practices and widen their network to  build new business. European Cities Marketing is linking the interests of members from more than  115 major cities in 36 countries. More information can be found on 

ICCA – the International Congress and Convention Association – is the global community and  knowledge hub for the international association meetings industry. ICCA represents the world’s top  destinations and most experienced and leading suppliers specialising in handling, transporting, and  accommodating international meetings and events, and comprises over 1,100 member companies  and organisations in 92 countries and territories worldwide. Since its establishment in 1963, ICCA  specialises in the international association meetings sector, offering unrivalled data, communication  channels, and business development opportunities.


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