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Kuala Lumpur business events shaping the future through Legacy Impact workshop

"Business events delegates want to break from the silos and do more for the communities where they are convening in. Recognising this, many associations have aligned their conference missions and their raison d’être with the priorities at the destination which addresses the local community’s issues and needs. Strategically incorporating these elements ensures that the event leaves a lasting legacy which creates meaningful economic and societal impact." - CEO & Cofounder of #MEET4IMPACTGenevieve Leclerc.

The recent workshop with the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) was a testament to this vision, as industry leaders came together to explore how conferences can create lasting societal change. Participants delved into case studies and impact frameworks, gaining valuable insights into how to make every event count.

From reimagining event experiences to leaving behind meaningful legacies, the workshop sparked crucial conversations on driving real-world impact.

We want to extend a massive bravo to all the passionate participants who made the recent workshop at the KLCC an incredible success! At #MEET4IMPACT, we are proud to see how our community is embracing the notion of events as catalysts for societal change. Your enthusiasm and willingness to break down silos and uplift local communities reflect the core values we stand for.


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