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The Story of the Parkinson's Ready Program at WPC 2023

Impact stories begin to take center stage from the collaboration between the World Parkinson CoalitionAssociació Catalana per al Parkinson, and the Barcelona Convention Bureau, sponsored by AbbVie. The "Make the City Parkinson's Ready" (Parkinson's Ready) program, implemented alongside the 6th World Parkinson’s Congress (WPC 2023) in Barcelona, Spain in July 2023, aimed to train public-facing and customer service groups to better understand Parkinson’s disease and provide improved support to attendees of WPC 2023 in Barcelona. The program showcased profound effects on researchers, neurologists, patients, caretakers, and advocates, marking a transformative shift in delegate engagement and content curation, highlighting inclusivity and impactful collaboration.

Our CEO, Genevieve Leclerc, CMP, emphasizes the crucial role of measurement in initiatives like the Parkinson’s Ready Program. We are honoured to have supported the journey of the Parkinson's Ready program and creation of the Social Impact Report in collaboration with Barcelona Convention BureauWorld Parkinson Coalition, and the Associació Catalana per al Parkinson (ACAP), amplifying impact at the 6th World Parkinson Congress Inc in Barcelona last July.

The Social Impact report is a must-read, unraveling an inspiring story of impact. It demonstrates how reporting can cause a domino effect, magnifying its influence. We extend our gratitude to Anna Bueno and Christoph Tessmar from the Barcelona Convention Bureau for their support in the creation and oversight of this report. Special thanks to Elizabeth (Eli) Pollard from the World Parkinson Coalition, and Laura Morer Benages from ACAP for their support in data collection and supervision.

Lastly, a big shoutout to our teammates: Fathma Khalid and Beatriz IbañezGenevieve Leclerc, CMP, CICELeila Salazar, and Julia Tremblay-Boily for all their outstanding work in bringing this impact to light!

Check it out to see the incredible difference we have made together! 

Our partners The Iceberg introduction to the alliance's second Case Study featuring WPC:


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