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Building the capacity of tourism & events startups

 2019- Present

About Our Partners

The MTLab is the premier incubator for innovation in tourism, culture and entertainment in North America. It launches an annual call for start-ups according to the innovation needs identified by its partners.

In addition to being a start-up incubator, the MTLab is also a platform for exchanges facilitating collaboration between key players in the tourism ecosystem and start-ups, by offering networking events, a journey of incubation, inter-partner activities and a coworking space

Due to the new reality of the tourism industry hit hard by the health crisis, MTLab partners have identified the need to train new tourism innovators in basic notions of sustainable development and the societal impact of tourism.

To meet this demand, #MEET4IMPACT has built a personalized training course for start-ups incubating at MTLAB, with the intention of:

1. Improve knowledge relating to sustainable development, social responsibility as well as the social impact within the Quebec and global tourism sector

2. Develop in them a general understanding of the important issues within the sector and be able to identify the opportunities to be seized and the challenges to be overcome

3. Identify and apply methodological frameworks of practice

#MEET4IMPACT hopes to be able to continue to combine innovation and SDG in the future by training more and more start-ups in societal issues that can be integrated into innovative business solutions.

Current projects 

2021 - Present

 DDAC: Innovations in Sustainable Tourism


For sustainable deployment of innovative

sustainable tourism solutions


Our project: to consult Quebec players on the issue of the dissonance between the supply of solutions

solutions and their adoption, and to develop a methodology that provides sustainable solutions

and accelerate the adoption of innovative sustainable tourism solutions by customers.

 Main goal

Developing a sustainable deployment methodology

We note that it is not the lack of tools or solutions related to sustainable development

that is the most important issue. It's the wide gap between the solutions implemented by

and their adoption.

● Why aren't sustainable tourism innovations being used?

● How can we explain the fact that what is developed and proposed in sustainable tourism does not meet with the desired success in use?

success in use?

We aim to identify and develop a methodology that offers the best approach for getting people to adopt

We want to identify and develop a methodology that offers the best approach for getting people to adopt new behaviors and bring about a change of mentality in tourism.


From a broader perspective, this project will also enable us to roll out on a large scale throughout

throughout Quebec, a methodology and solutions that are useful, effective and sustainable

to make Quebec a destination of choice for sustainable tourism. This project is rich in meaning and

impact. We are really looking forward to making it a reality.

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