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Tourism New Zealand

The Conference Impact Project

September 2019

Tourism New Zealand is the country’s DMO, attracting and hosting business events across the country’s various destination cities. Fun fact: Tourism New Zealand is actually one of the world’s oldest DMO’s!

Enriching New Zealand for New-Zealanders

It’s hard to miss the progress New Zealand is pushing in a whole host of sectors and rethinking business tourism and tourism at large was not forgotten. Wishing to convince its local ecosystems of the benefits of attracting these sorts of events, Tourism New Zealand partnered with #MEET4IMPACT to work on developing a holistic social impact tourism strategy spanning multiple events. 

#MEET4IMPACT flew over to spend a week hosting workshops, boot-camps and build the capacity of Tourism New Zealand and its stakeholders. 

The project's objectives were: 


Engage governmental and non-governmental organisations alike in reporting on their impact in a bid to place New Zealand as an impactful destination

Increase accessibility and inclusion of New Zealanders in participating in the destination’s choices

Support stakeholders to identify potential opportunities and activities to create positive social impact

Build and communicate an impact strategy, including ways of measuring impact


How to measure an event's impact

How to build events that aim to create impact

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