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Travel to Tomorrow


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The Client's Mission:

VisitFlanders represents the beautiful Belgian region of Flanders, embarked on the "Travel to Tomorrow" initiative in 2017 with the goal of shaping a sustainable and forward-thinking Flanders. Since 2021, #MEET4IMPACT has been in a collaborative partnership with VisitFlanders, actively contributing to their endeavor towards responsible tourism and playing a vital role in bridging the gap within their strategic social impact strategy.

#MEET4IMPACT partnered with VisitFlanders Convention Bureau in a collaborative three-year venture to develop a social impact measurement strategy.  This strategy aimed to guide Flanders' events and meetings agenda over the next two years, focusing on creating lasting impacts for Flanders’ destinations and local communities.

The project comprised two main components: the co-development of an impact strategy and the support of 5 pilot projects to implement and test the impact strategy's concepts.

Our methodology empowers VisitFlanders, with our guidance and tools, to collaboratively develop and deliver positive, tangible, and measurable legacies for the broader Flanders community. These legacies will span various business sectors, geographical locations, and serve a diverse array of stakeholders, encompassing residents, visitors, local businesses, governments, academia, and the natural ecosystem.

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The Project's Vision

Project Objectives

  • Amplify the "Travel to Tomorrow" initiative by co-developing an impact strategy with VisitFlanders.

  • Create a formal methodology to identify and aid event organizers in managing and measuring social impact.

  • Support pilot projects to implement the impact strategy and test impact knowledge and capacity.

  • Establish an impact ecosystem of "Legacy Makers."

  • Provide training to VF teams, municipal bureaus, and the MICE ecosystem.

  • Develop practical tools for impactful event planning.

Project Outcomes

Anticipated outcomes of the project include:

  • Strengthened collaboration across destinations and sectors.

  • Events connected to local needs, delivering tangible impacts for clients and communities.

  • Strategic alignment with VisitFlanders' "Travel to Tomorrow" mission and government strategies.

  • Enhanced skills in impact reporting and value creation for stakeholders.

  • Development of an ecosystem understanding mutual benefits.

  • Strategic leverage of events for sector growth, establishing VisitFlanders as a leader in social impact focus.

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