In recent years, associations worldwide have been facing growing pressure to attract and retain members, attendees and partners, which has prompted the majority of them to question themselves on how they can improve their value proposition. They are reporting on efforts to develop their own niche, enabling them to set themselves apart from competitive offers, and are looking for ways to leave behind a tangible legacy through their events.


Is your organization looking to deliver more powerful outcomes on your efforts and mission?

Perhaps you would like to clarify what your purpose is when you organize meetings?

Are you wanting to develop meaningful and impactful legacy programs but are unsure how?


This project offers a systematic process for generating and evaluating societal impacts of your meetings. We wish to empower your organization to go from the initial intention (of impact), to implementation, to the evaluation of the positive societal impacts generated by your events or activities. Gaining a better understanding of, and reporting on this impact will improve your value proposition to your members and stakeholders at large (potential members, governments, city partners, the general public, the business sector, etc.).


Our team can support you in converting your efforts into positive success stories that can be used to communicate to a broad range of your stakeholders on the true value generated by your activities and events for your members, your community at large, and the hosting city ecosystem.

We also support associations and other organizations in designing a strategy to adopt and integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of your objectives and in defining targets and indicators for your activities and events. We ourselves have fully committed to the SDGs and are working as part of a coalition of partners in accelerating global commitment towards the Goals.

Add your voice to our community by sharing your stories using the keywords #MEET4IMPACT and #ASSOCIATIONS4IMPACT in the various social media - or contact us to find out how we could support your organization in its impact journey!

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