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Best practices for the event industry

Social Impact 


Business Events

June, 2021

Written by: Lyla Aubin Fernandez

This paper aimed to develop knowledge on measuring and communicating the social impact of international congresses and business events.


Nowadays, the importance of a city is measured in relation to its capacity to stand out on the international scene, not only because of its influence, but also because of "the diversity and the level of its functions, economic, financial, cultural, touristic, its attractiveness and openness". MICE tourism, through the organization of international events bringing together high-level professionals and intellectuals, and relying on the higher urban functions of the destination (research, business, etc.), acts “both as an agent and a result in the processes of internationalization and metropolization”. The MICE tourism makes it, not only possible to strengthen these different functions, but also to advertise them on the international scene. In this context, business events are becoming a key element within the strategies implemented by many cities, in order to position themselves favorably on the world stage and thus make it possible to attract investors and ensure development. But business events are also recognized for the tourism benefits they generate, particularly in relation to delegate expenses but also as an image enhancement agent. Thereforse, these events have a significant economic and communicational impact and have become strategic tools for destinations.


For some authors, these events have, for too long, been valued solely in relation to their economic impact, and more particularly to the tourist benefits they generate. According to them, these events are also a source of diverse impacts.

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